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josh martin

My personal opinion is that stock honda is, in reality, less expensive after buy-in than kt-100 (we spent 4x as much keeping the kt’s in clutches as all the maintenance total on the stock honda), but that’s just my opinion. If you want to talk about forward thinking organizers, however,it is my opinion that our local club president, Ron Pattison, of the Tulsa Kart Club, has one of the best local plans for two-stroke.

For most of 2014 and the upcoming 2015 season, the Tulsa Kart Club has and will be running what can be described as an “adult-2-stroke-up-125cc” class. Its a run-what-brung class that includes kt-100, TaG, Rotax, stock and mod shifter, KZ, and whatever else you show up with. If there is a referencable nationally sactioned weight, we use that. If not, the competitors agree on a weight. If it doesn’t result in competitive racing, we change the weight. If you are a novice and you don’t make weight, that’s ok.

Ron’s policies have resulted in a TaG class with 2 entries at the beginning of the season growing to an open class of 12 entries for the season closer. We all had fun and some beers aftetwards. Something to think about, at least locally.