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Stu Hayner

Mike Prokup said:

“KPV is the best speed for the money and can be competitive without many short term rebuilds. Clutch is bullet proof. Speed is fast.”

I agree with you Mike. Even though not everyone thinks so, there’s a bunch of drivers in SoCal that do, which is why the F100 series is still growing at a rapid pace. F100 is 95% KT100’s and HPV/KPV engines. Close racing – low cost – fun.

Isn’t that what club level karting should be?

F100 isn’t the largest series around SoCal (only 3 yrs), but when you have over 60 drivers all with the same equipment – challenging for the podium – I’m not sure why.

If you agree with Mike P, make some calls – get everyone that has a 100cc engine to make a class at your local club.

Read the F100karting.com rules – they make sense. Is F100 a stepping stone to NASCAR and Formula One – Not at all.


“A great way to bring in new people to the sport, without scaring them with a price tag or speed on the track. Minimal maintenance, and overall a great time on-track”. David Cole.