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Mike Prokup

Most people we raced with when Concept Haulers was going great had to make a choice money wise between doing regionals or competing heavily at club races. It began with regional racers coming in and smoking everyone. Then the locals began to seek out good Yamaha’s and KPV blueprints to compete. Next you needed new chassis’ to compete in the regionals. Kart shops were doing a brisk business providing clutches, chassis’ and rebuilds.

Regionals grew and the club races became a secondary race where you prepared for the next upcoming regional.

The disconnect with the club started when your competitors started saving their fresh engines for the upcoming regionals. Pretty soon the competition fell apart. This was the beginning of lower class turnouts at the weekend club races. For a few years, the regionals basically became our club race.

The track owner tried to move to Rotax as a spec type class. The regionals didn’t let rotax in so fragmentation at the local level began. Rotax eventually died out at the club level. Some of the local Rotax guys tried nationals only to find out their box stock sealed rotax cant  compete with the big team engines coming out of Florida. This took the wind out of some of the people who invested in Rotax.

For some reason a wreck during the KPV club race ended the KPV class at Concept Haulers. By far this was the best class of racing ever. The regionals have supported a very small kpv class. Not sure why this class isn’t the biggest because by far it has the most reliable, low cost high speed engine in karting. I think part of the demise of KPV may be due to WKA continuous rule changes regarding pipes. Anyway, KPV was the most cost effective high speed racing at Concept Haulers.

Tag racing was a joke to us club racers. We would watch ten leopards start a club race and 5 finish as everyone broke. Money pit and it still is.

Anyway Yamaha Sr never took off at our club and KPV was gone so we quit club racing.

So Yamaha became the engine. Can was the class. WKA ruled out cans. Threw a pipe on our great KT engines only to find out they suck with a pipe. End of WKA KT class for many.

So we quit kart racing like alot of other people.

1. KPV is the best speed for the money and can be competitive without many short term rebuilds. Clutch is bullet proof. Speed is fast.

2. lo206 racers will probably not become super TAG guys so there is no feeder for these national series.

3. Briggs Pro Gas can be made from an LO206.

4. Midwest club entries indicate somebody better follow new castle lead.

5. There are so many different opinions that karting will probably never be able to work it out in the us. Too many ball sports here that take away from motorsports. Plus most people would never put up with escalating costs.