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Ted Hamilton

IMO, until the focus returns to growing karting instead of how to make money off of karting, the dilemma will continue.  In many ways, I see it as a microcosm of the short-term-profit focus of business — instead of offering a superior product and focusing on customer satisfaction, businesses go for the maximum short-term shareholder benefit — to the detriment of the product.  Never forget — it’s the product that attracts people and sells — neglect it and die.

The struggling American consumer wants, imo, something that:

1) can be raced virtually anywhere

2) is affordable

3) doesn’t take all week to prepare

4) has rules and configuration stability

Perhaps that explains why the KT-100 is surviving ( I wouldn’t call it thriving…) while everything else but the LO206 (which fits most of the above criteria too) is fading…

A domestic 2-cycle offering would be nice — a la Copperhead 820 — but the lure of exotic Italian machinery and the hollow promise of untold riches for importing them has too much hold for any real domestic success, I think.  The closest would be Riley Will’s BRC150, which would be an awesome Pro class…as would the NordAm.

I’m curious to see what the WKA fallout will be….a strong, sport-driven leader could help fix things, whereas more importer and manufacturer pandering will give us a deeper quagmire.  Time will tell.

2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100