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David Cole

Badger – http://www.badgerkartclub.com/2014points.htm

Concept Haulers – http://www.concepthaulersmotorspeedway.com/

Midstate Springfield – http://www.mylaps.com/en/events/mid-state-kart-club/624

MRP – http://www.mrpmotorsport.com/mrptrack/2014-Current-Point-Standings.pdf

New Castle – http://www.newcastleraceway.com/points/2014points110514-FINAL.xls

The USPKS was created by racers that felt WKA was not listening to what they wanted. Racers wanted less races, WKA added more events and more classes. Mark Coats started the series with the support of kart shops in the region, and once racers saw the product in 2013, it grew in 2014. My guess is it will grow again in 2015. It’s a very competitive series that focuses on having a good time at the track.

With WKA now under new leadership, we do not know what direction the organization will go. We hope to connect with them for a future article.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor