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Eric Alexander

I posted in that thread.  But when the thread stopped, I thought I’d start one in the proper Rotax forum to gauge what other Rotax drivers were thinking as this moves forward.

Like you mentioned, I too am surprised by the lack of posts.  A lot of the 2015 rules packages and schedules are starting to appear and looks as if many are side-stepping the new Evo engines to see how things turn out – which doesn’t bode well for Rotax in 2015 IMO.  My local track is getting behind the X-30 after being a big Rotax supporter (which isn’t surprising considering they’re spear-heading the IAME-East distribution).  Its just bad timing all around as far as Rotax is concerned and I guess that’s going to factor into where I eventually land.

I wish I’d see more support from the karters, but honestly the lack of it is a bit disconcerting.  Seems the market is speaking – so to speak – and the ball is squarely in Rotax’s court to make this work. Like I said, I’ll be upgrading my motors.  But beyond that, I’m beginning to wonder if at the upgrade price points they’ve release, its still not enough to maintain market share in a what turns out to be pivotal year for brands and alliances.  Time will tell, but If I were Rotax (and MaxSpeed here in the States), I’d be watching, listening, and responding quickly over the next few months.

I’d still like to hear other’s thoughts on this.