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TJ Koyen

I think you’re pretty much preaching to the choir here.

The US gave KF a shot but it failed. The homologation thing is nice, sometimes. What happens when you homologate an engine package and you find out 2 months down the road that the clutches are all burning up and failing, as was the case with KF? KF has not only failed here, but across the world. The UK national karting scene couldn’t make it work and drew only a handful to their national events and eventually dropped it. The European manufacturers didn’t even support it because it was a garbage class, that’s why all the big drivers and brands switched over to KZ, and gearbox karting has become the “top-level” of international karting, as opposed to the single-speed classes which have largely been considered the pinnacle for years.

I think we need a different solution other than a TaG engine. How are you going to market KF to the masses when A) it has already failed miserably here once, and B) it’s essentially another, more expensive TaG engine that no one has any experience running?

TaG should be, and always should HAVE been a clubman-style class. Something for the semi-pro crowd who want the convenience of a starter.

Something simple, light, and quick is what the “pro-level” classes should have. An engine formula that harkens back to what karting has always been about. An evolution of what ICA was, rather than a revolution to electronics, clutches, powervalves and nonsense.

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