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Jon Romenesko

A DD2 is the perfect kart if you want something that’s no fuss, no mess, reliable, easy to drive, and faster than a single speed (senior) Rotax.  It’s great for guys who just want a badass toy to play with.


However, like everyone else has pointed out, if you want to race them then the fields are usually tiny.  That, and the stock moto is going to drive away from it on track.  Here in Colorado, we might get lucky and have 4 DD2s show up to a race.  Usually its one or two…or none.  We usually run them with the stock motos and have them do a rolling start around 30s after the shifters start.  We have a few national caliber drivers here that race them, but it’s usually only on the national scene…occasionally in a club race if they want to get some seat time.


Would definitely recommend the moto if you want to shift!

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