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Ben Matthew

NHKA at Loudon runs an “open” shifter class due to limited numbers.  Meaning that stock moto has to run against the KZ guys.  Not a problem if your Josh Lane, but for the rest of the humans on Stock Moto its a drubbing.  With that said the Hill Course at Loudon is one of the most unique and challenging tracks in the northeast for any driver.  The racing at the front between the KZs as well as at the back with the Motos is always excellent and in the end nobody cares too much about trophies and points as long as the racing is good.

In regards to the NESKS:  For our last race of the season we went to NJ with our 15 year old chassis/motor package to see what the competition was like.  My driver qualified 19th out of 21 after having won his local club championship.  These guys and gals at NESKS in both the KZs and the stock moto are extremely fast and professional and take their racing very seriously.

If this is your first year in a shifter kart you do not belong running with NESKS.  Although they welcome everyone to run with them which is nice, its not realistic.

Do not bring your 15 year old chassis and home prepped engine thinking that you might run with NESKS, you will be in the way (like we were).

NESKS is as close to SKUSA as we get in the northeast.  Drivers should have perfected their racecraft and have a well sorted mechanical package before trying to enter one of these races.

Just my $.02