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Brock Weiss

We are doing exactly what TJ said to do.  Would I want my son to run in national events? Yes.  But I also want him to live as well so we have been running only in our local club level for the last two years and he has learned the basics of driving so this year we are going to do a regional event and see how that goes.  The key to being successful in karting is patience and a lot and I mean a lot of seat time.  There is a huge difference between club racing and a national event so learn how to drive so when you go to a national event you can at least be competitive and not get lapped like TJ said.

Basically it is like playing varsity football in high school at the club level and then playing NFL at the national level. The difference between the two are huge. Which is why we did exactly what TJ advised to do but everyone is different and only you know how much time you have had in a kart and if you think you are ready for national races.  my advice is to ask some people at your local track to watch you and have them give you their honest feedback on if you are ready