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Charles Skowron

Hmm, the April date at Go-Pro Motorplex is one weekend before the USPKS date at the same track. The July date at New Castle is one weekend before the SKUSA Pro Tour at New Castle.

Everyone knows how some racers take advantage of a club or regional race right before a major event for track time. Man. Cup is obviously looking to capitalize on that. One explanation why they’re offering both a Leopard and X30 class for their series. Also bolsters their reasoning for the recent change in Man Cup’s rules for Stock Moto. The one flaw in the plan: they run a completely different brand of tire.

The Pittsburgh date is also interesting. The way that track abruptly cancelled all scheduled WKA events previously, you would have thought they were done working with WKA forever.

It’s like a game of chess how these national karting series are moving amongst each other. Their plotting and maneuvering doesn’t help the sport, but it sure is intriguing.