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andy graham

I guess my post wasn’t clear…there is a group of guys here LOCALLY that have the old version Max, quite a few in fact.  Many of these guys are pretty bummed out about the upgrades and the new motor release as they wont be competitive (even with the upgrades) when up against the new evo….and most of these guys like their old Max motors, they’re rock solid and easy to work on….remember, I talking local racing, not strict RMAX rules, so no sealed motors here.

For a few years we’ve always talked about how the Max had more to give, but the restrictions built in by rotax and their rules made those extra horses illegal….ya know, “run a 28mm slide Mikuni and Nox Box”, or a “30mm VHSH shifter carb with an open filter”, or “run the dd2 cylinder with the dd2 pipe and this size jet and MAN!”, or “…I know a guy that can reprogram the coil with a different ignition curve..”, or “ya know, if you raised the compression, lowered the ports and ran the dd2 coil, you can easy get 31-32 horsepower out of that engine…..” whatever, we’ve all heard it.

We’ve all heard the talk, but it’s always been illegal and expensive due to the cost of Max parts…well now that there’s a new engine that has new internals along iwth new everything else, the parts for the old Max are going to be worthless if they arent already…I have several Max motors…I have dyno tuned, built max that I paid a bunch for this time last year, I cant get $1500 for it now as a complete package….another guy haggled with me over an micromax package for $700 that had the new style clutch and cylinder and a passport…check out ebay, its loaded with rotax parts…sure MaxSpeed says “run your old engine, it’ll still be legal”, but we all know that wont last.  Their goal is to move units, and ultimately they want all of us to go out and buy a new Evo.

So, once again, people who want to participate will not be allowed to because they cant or wont buy the new “correct” engine.  My thought was to say ok fine, if you want to race your new evo there’s places to do that….if you have an old max and now with parts being cheap, why not try that 30mm carb with the other filter, or whatever.  The idea was to have a place for people who cant go and run RMAX races anymore, that’s it, not start a new money pit class.