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James McMahon

Top speed will vary a lot with aero. No animal is going to make same power as a typical 125cc shifter without block bracing I think.

I have heard that WF’s can hit 100mph on road courses, drafting in a pack with a near laydown driver setup, narrow track, nice aero nosecone etc. But thats barely breaking 100 at the end of a straight and they are not too hot in the turns with the narrow track.
On the same straight your typical CIK shifter will be humming along at 105-108 for most of it and likely running 10 second/lap faster. Put a 125cc shifter motor on that laydown type body and you are looking 120ish.

Practical example, Blackhawk Farms this year
Briggs Animal 360 Fastest lap: 1:26.9
CIK125 Shifter:  1:13.5

The briggs animals in this example make more power than a WF and yes these are dry times, same day same track.

On a sprint track, the times will be closer, but neither a shifter or an Animal are likely to hit 100MPH