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Jay Sinon


I know there are a lot of people that say your supposed to take your clutch apart every race but I found that they really don’t need that much maintenance. The main wear idem I see is the clutch drum bushing there about $5 a piece and they seem to last about 4 or 5 races.(When it starts to go bad you get a lot of wobble between the clutch drum and the crank letting you know the bushings worn out) Every time my kart  comes off the track I spray the crank and clutch drum with WD40 that seems to keep the bushing lubed and freed up. When I spray it, it gets all over the clutch material but I have never had a problem with slipping or wear.

As far as locktite goes I take almost the whole kart apart every 3 to 4 races to clean it real good and then re-locktite it with Blue locktite because a lot of things loosing over time Those karts and engines have a tremendous amount of vibration trying to rattle everything loose.

You Know I also hear a lot of people say you should rebuild the carb before every race because a fresh diaphragm gasket (fuel pump gasket)makes more power but I go several races before changing the gaskets. I have rebuilt them in the past but never noticed a difference in our lap times so I let them go longer. That being said my kart doesn’t sit for long as we practice once a week and maybe it is the sitting with gas that hurts the diaphragm?

Hope this helps!



TaG Sr.