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Daniel White

Jay, I will definitely be more proactive maintaining the clutch drum screws by replacing the screws and using fresh loctite.

And a couple of guys at the club have encouraged me to replace the starter button with something more reliable.

I was under the impression that I needed to remove my clutch after each day at the track, cleaning the floater and with brake cleaner and roughing them up with medium grit sandpaper. Are you saying this is unnecessary, that I only service the clutch every 3 races?

TJ, I completely agree about the Rotax driveability. My kart was very hard to set up with the power band coming on the way it does, particularly on our 180 degree banked left-handed, which comes after a slow section, taken flat.

If I go back to TAG, it will probably be an X30, though I am intrigued by the new Rotax Evo.