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TJ Koyen

Winning in any of those series will get you “recognized”, though I suppose it depends on what your definition of “recognized” is.

The national series are all fairly expensive to enter. That’s why they’re meant for the most serious competitors who feel they have the best chance to win.

WKA is next to dead. If you want top-level competition and to be “the man”, you gotta win at USPKS, SKUSA Pro Tour, Rotax national events, or Florida Winter Tour Rotax.

You shouldn’t start in these events though. These are where the best are racing. You need to work your way up by running local races first, then once you’ve bested everyone there, you move to regional racing, then national racing. Jumping into the deep end will only make the people lapping you really upset.

Unfortunately there isn’t a true licensing system in karting, preventing you from competing above your skill level, though some classes require you to have a minimum amount of experience before allowing you to enter.

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