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Brad Nyman

In regards to driving style, its not something you just pick and say thats what you do in terms of style. it takes years to figure out how you like to drive and what suits you. certain karts are more responsive to certain styles than others. OTK karts for example reward a smoother and more precise driving style, but thats not to say they don’t work with a more aggressive style. In terms of the ikart’s my brother and i drive, it equates to different chassis setups to make the kart work properly. My brother is way smoother and calmer vs. i like to drive more of an old school way and flicking the kart into a corner under braking then aggressively turning into the corner and holding the wheel turned keeping the inside wheel up. Both my brother and I run almost identical times, it just means our chassis are set up differently to achieve the same goal.

All chassis can work with any driving style, it just takes work to tune each chassis to suit you and the way you drive.

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