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Sebastian Sarmiento

Reading more I realized that the majority of people doesn’t want to hook this up to a 12v battery, especially (if you are running a TAG), the starter battery.

So far it seems that mostly people run it off the 9v battery in the Mychron, but they use better or higher in mAh batteries. Like for example the one below, which has 1,200mAh capacity


Most of the Duracell 9v batteries have about 560 mAh. 150% more capacity sounds pretty good… May be the way to go, although the most comfortable option, may not be the cheapest one on the long run. (about $8 each when a mighty max will last 3-5 years and it will cost $21).

I guess, like most of everything, it comes to preferences and the good thing is that either way you can always have a plan B if the battery dies at the wrong moment.

Thank you all for helping me understand the basics of this set-up!

I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )