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Jay Sinon


No offence but most of your Yamaha problems seem self induced. It sounds to me if you removed a rag and used a torque wrench and locktite most of your problems would have gone away.

Here’s what it cost me to run a Yamaha:

1 New Woltjer KT100  $1850.

1 New Horstman HDC5B CLUTCH $320.

Every 3 to 4 races take the clutch apart. check the bushing, gear, basket and clutch clearance $5. to $80 depending on needed repairs.

Every couple of races rebuild carb $6.

Every 10 Hours send the engine back to Woltjers for complete rebuild approx. $ 600. Yes they do were out fast which is why your used motor probably blew up so quickly.

Overall still much cheaper then running Rotax.

TaG Sr.