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Derek Lodato

Been following karting a REALLY long time.. There has always been a debate about something. I remember the fight between Stock Moto and ICC back in the 90’s.  Then more recently it was Stock Moto vs KZ. The argument was always over how expensive KZ is compared to Stock Moto. Now years later we have the dilemma of SKUSA reassuring us that stock moto will be around for a long while.

I am off topic a bit here because the main argument in this article was I believe the TAG packages.. .etc but the point I am trying to make is lets look at Europe. I have never seen an issue overseas with engine wars. It has always been pretty well organized.

Here we fight .. greed takes hold and the racers suffer. Who really wants to remain in the sport if they have worry about their engine package purchase not being supported after only a year?

I just can’t understand why it’s so difficult to increase the longevity in owning certain engine packages by creating a rule that allows that specific engine to run in a class for ‘X’ number of years. This way the owner/racer has a timeline on when to upgrade or whether to wait for the next flavor or choose a completely different class altogether.

Let’s face it .. karting is expensive..  but switching engine rules so often only increases the cost and takes potential racers out of the game before they can even roll their karts to the grid. Not Cool. Bottom line is we do this for fun .. albeit it’s serious fun. But when it gets stupid it becomes work .. and work isn’t much fun.