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David Galownia

Hey Tyler,

I run at NCMP, and similar to you raced karts about 17 years ago.  I just got back into it full time this past season.  If you’re at the track, come see me.  I’m number 9, and run a tonykart in TAG Senior and TAG Heavy.

I actually ran Tonykart then and run a Tonykart now, but how I adjusted the kart back then was different to what I do now.  Small adjustments to camber, the front torsion bar, front track, and air pressure is most of what I change today.  Towards the end of the year I also raised my seat when the track was especially green and cold.

I would head to Comet Kart and ask for advice there.  Those guys are awesome and know what they’re talking about.   Each kart is different, really what you want is the correct baseline setup and seat placement to start.  Running locally at NCMP you likely won’t stray much from that.  Get a TAG Engine from Comet as well.  It’s fast and Mark Harrison who builds them is pretty much at every local NCMP race and is extremely helpful.

Best of luck to you.  Hopefully I’ll see you at the track this upcoming season.