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Bob Vehring

I think Jeff Wesell just might remember this, and he and my kids are perfect examples why having simple and nation wide classes helps us all.

Yes there are differances in sleds and karts, probably not as much as you think but, we just can say karting doesn’t have the ability to get a prime TV deal. We actually had it for several years on ESPN2, a series called Sat Night lightning. It air every say night at 6:30 pm so pretty prime time. It was billed as live, but in reality most often two races were filmed each time we went down to Indy, which was every two weeks. One race played live, the other was filmed live and broadcast the next weekend.
Structure was very simple, two classes KT100 and Briggs FH. that was it and people came from everywhere.
I really can’t think of anything that brought the sport that kind of publicity then or now, everyone saw it and it lasted I think 3 years.

The reason this show just popped up was very simple The old Diamond P productions sent their crew to Indy every other week to do a show called Thur. Night Thunder which was cars at IRP, as long as the crew was there it was very simple to do a second series and the perfect place for it was right down the road. There it was and it worked very well and again, the best PR we ever had