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Bob Vehring

Were in a situation now, where each engine Manufacturer has carved out an area and put together its own series. They fight desperately for their series.
Like any well run business they understand supply and demand of their product. This means they come up with a new engine plan, we all have to buy in to it if we want to race. Problem is after a season or two, most of the available market HAS bought into it, so in order to maintain sales at the level they need, its time for a new engine package again. This isn’t going to change if we continue in this same direction.
What is now referred to as kartings glory years as far as participation had a major differance, our world was controlled in the east by WKA and the west by IKF. Not that there weren’t some problems with that plan, but both were member owned/run groups that controlled where and what we do, NOT private enterprizes.

We have been involved for a decade also in the snowmobile racing world, they have yet a different plan to make sure things there, do not spin out of control.
This is run somewhat differently. It is controlled by a group called ISR. ISR does not make the rules, they host meetings yearly for each group (ovals, snow X, drags, cross country etc of racing. Each meeting is made up of reps from the various race venues, manufacturers, parts suppliers and race promoters.Each group has two people at the meeting and one vote.
Ideas or issues are submitted throughout the year, a agenda is sent out by ISR and once each spring the meeting is held.
To pass, any issue must get a majority of the votes in the room. With every group well represented it is very hard for any one group or any one area to get anything passed that is biased. For the most part it keeps every race, every class fair and equal, many classes rules are written into the rule book then froze for a period of 5 years to keep them stable for the racers.

THis concept works here because ISR has done a good job of running the sport. All big races are ISR snanchoined, ISR works out a very good ins. program for their racers, they have a big influence in things like major sponsors and TV coverage which is big in this sport.They help make the sport big and its big across two countries because its stabil and its structure is well controlled.
Basicly all serious races are ISR because of what ISR does to make good races.

The kart world seems unfortunately to be heading exactly in the opposite direction, and were letting it happen