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Daryle Redlin

I lay the blame to changes like this on all of us, me included. We just want to go and race and we don’t want to put the time and effort in the organize and run the series. There is nothing wrong with it except that you are then basically along for the ride when it comes to changes in the series. In 2014 we raced in Rotax, Rok, and the entire Protour with Skusa. It was really expensive but it was my choice. I don’t like the fact that I cant use my perfectly good Rotax engines anymore without upgrading. The real problem with Rotax is the piece of crap tires, Hey Rotax why don’t you fix those. I’m also not happy that I just bought two new Leopards at the start of the year and now I have to buy two new x30’s. Both are Iame products so whats the problem with allowing both engines for ever. Lets be honest here, anyone running at that level is going to have a few engines anyway so if you really need a Leopard and an X3o who cares, as long as I can get some real value out of using them for 3 or 4 seasons. I really feel for the juniors in Skusa, they are in a real sticky position with buying product, especially if you plan on moving up in one year. You would basically have to buy engines twice over a two year period, how is that better for the sport? No everyone is going to be happy but what I see is more division in the sport than ever. Engines that are run in the east are not run in the west and vise versa. Its just crazy. What we need is for the sanctioning bodies themselves to sit down and layout out a 5 year plan on what engines will be allowed and for how long, now I know anyone reading this just laughed out loud but in my opinion that is what is needed to stop this fracturing of the sport. If you knew that you could by an engine and race it all over North America for 5 years without the damn thing changing I think it would make a big difference to the plans a lot of racers make. There are a lot of problems with the way karting is currently structured at some point we all need to stop the madness. There are a lot of passionate people in this sport surely between us all we can come to some sort of structure that works for the sanctioning bodies, the dealers, the engine builders, the chassis manufactures and most importantly the racers. We need some open, and frank discussions.