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Roger Miller

I think you are on to something there Chris – sprinters use a leaner pilot – and a bit leaner needle as well to get it to pop out of corners, and they rarely rev out.

Josh – as I said, in my post above we are not anywhere near a 200 (195 even) at the RAD for LS and Sonoma for usual air.  Over the next week or two I will get out there and verify my pilot and needle and report back.  Like I also said, I have run successfully with the engine, never cooking the piston or anything, and, so have a reliable set of data up to 6000′ like at Miller Motorsports down to sea level.  And about every 400′ is the next size.  But still one engine is not the same as another, so plug color, egt, and piston have been my guide and now more folks are using o2 sensors and that will be even more accurate as to how “right” the jetting is.