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Greg Nelson

Huh, …….I thought I did this already, I must have not enter the final points right and it never got published.

Heck I thought I logged in a few minutes ago and screwed that up, so anyway, yes Jim you win, I picked poorly and got passed by Dizzy for 4th, heck I got beat by guys who only pick 2-3 times all year.

Congrats to Hir and the honorable Lord Derring (I been watching a lot of Game of Thrones lately on On Demand) for top points at Abu, they each gained 92 points, but in completely different ways.

Final 2014 Podium Picker Standings
1-J Derrig          1143
2-Hir                  1118
3-JD Gomez     1053
4-G Dzielinski  1025
5-G Nelson       998
6-L Andrews   962
7- K McHale    899
8-F Brun-Wibuax   671
9-J Martin      608

10- R Jones   196

So next year they already have more  changes to the F1 rules, no dumb double points final, power unit penalties are broken down into smaller parts replaced and lesser penalties.  Still the most needlessly expensive spec series, but it’s what we got.  Hey weird to see Vettel in a Ferrari red uniform. Lets see if Honda can accomplish anything this year, or is this  huge mistake by McLaren?

Stay tuned