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Robert Lawson


I can understand and appreciate both opinions/points.

At Daytona, for a 125 laydown or B-Stk/Open, it really doesn’t matter. The laydown will make more MPH to offset the grunt & midrange speed of the GG on a SK. Now, take that to a Summit, Grattan, even M-O it becomes a “horsepower of a different color”! The CR250 will suffer at Daytona on the SK chassis but may be able to draft with a GG.

There are all types of different kart packages at different levels of performance and tune in Unltd. That’s what makes it so attractive. The “type” of Circuit then plays a crucial part into which package is best suited for each.

Personally, I’ve been WAXED by some CR 250’s when I was sure they had no business running that well!!!

One point I completely agree with is attention to prep. Many do not finish these races and if they did it might be far tougher to argue letting everything go.

Not knocking anyone here, but the best GG guys do run with the 250 Twins in a LO class. If they ran in Unltd it really wouldn’t be much of a race for them. Those guys want a challenging competitive race and the Twins provide that for them. Bobby might be able to comment here but I think the FE guys would agree with that.

For the most part, I think the average GG owner doesn’t realize it belongs in the FE/LO class. Unfortunately, the way things are set up, it would not or does not get policed until the fuel is spent…..does it? At that point it is viewed as sour grapes instead of the inquisition it is meant to be.

I’ll be watchin via Race Monitor. Good Luck fellas!!!!