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Once again

Why not get into a healthier diet, get back into shape, and lose 20 to 30 lbs?

If that seems to be the issue, then deal with that particular issue.

Your body will thank you for it, after all.

Athletes do it all the time

Boxers, fighters, horse racers, swimmers, etc.

I’m getting older these days, and I’m still planning to lose some fat myself for next season, so that I may compete in a different class.

20 to 30 lbs is not impossible to lose, try not eating for about a week, hit the scale and see what happens. At least 10 lbs right? then try different food rather than ne nice large fries, big fat extra size burger, soda, etc.


Not trying to be offensive here, this is reality, and this is the sport we love

Noticed I mentioned “SPORT” That means it is a sport, and we do need to train, and discipline ourselves with better diets. ( including myself, my fat ass ).  ;)

Most race car drivers train and work out endless hours, and pay close attention to what they eat. My 2 cents. :)