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Robert Brooks

David, and others. It’s not that simple.

Cole is talking about trying to be competitive at a National Level where hundreths of seconds matter. 10-15 lbs at the Top national will not be at the front of the field. We don’t care about trophies, after 4o years I don’t keep them.

As you know, My Driver is in the exact same situation; in fact I wonder how much the recent change in the Rmax rules were made because of him being too competitive in the Rotax Masters class.

He is a few years under the 32 age limit, but is well over 6′ and 200 to 210 lbs. He’d have to lose around 25 lbs to make weight in Sr. Rotax,  so after 2o years of karting and running at the front at National level races, we are effectively legislated out of karting. Because why would I want to spend $10,000 running a national championship race knowing we can’t be competitive in Sr. Rotax due to height/Weight.  My son and I are among the few that are “lifers” in karting. We did not use this a stepping stone to other forms of motorsport as he aged. But now we find our selves being forced out. Apparently the other Masters drivers are afraid of having competition from a mid 20’s driver. I guess karting has so many entrants that it can find ways to exclude an entire group of current and possible future drivers.

I do understand why Rmax did this, however, I disagree and think its just another example of shortsighted organizations finding ways to make karting less inclusive and drive people from the sport. I don’t think your Masters class will see growth based on this exclusion.

I have heard a rumor that SKUSA is considering breaking their S4 class into 1 class for over 40yrs and 1 for 25 to 39yrs. If SKUSA does that, we’re in at the 1st race and will be a participant for years.