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Scottie Melancon

I spoke to J3 about the kart and it sounds legit. The frame is their proprietary design built by BirelART.  At first I figured it was just a copy of the new Birel S7 chassis painted to match J3 livery, but after looking closer at some pics they sent it had some obvious differences. I noticed that the vertical supports for the fuel tank and steering column looked more like an OTK, so that in itself shows that it is a one off design and the fact that it is built to the quality standards in Lissone is great. Even if the frame shares some similarities to the S7 then that’s probably a good thing as the few S7’s and CompKART’s that raced at Super Nats all faired pretty well.  Apparently they get the frames shipped to the US bare and inspect and paint them here. 30 mm only. Black or Flor Yellow. They also decided to go with Freeline brakes. You can get the new 2015 one piece caliper brakes also. The remaining components are what they feel work best with the kart. Many of which are J3 developed and branded. These guys have a great reputation. I’m sure their karts are well thought out and developed. With J3 strong support it’ll be a sure winner. Ours ships tomorrow.