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Robert Finlayson

It’s always amazing to me how people love to bash Rotax. IAME comes out with a completely new engine, the X30 and nobody complains. They show up at the various TAG races with both the Leopard and X30. Many have more then one of both. SKUSA will be eliminating the Leopard in 2016, USPKS will likely follow suit. Then we can all scrap all the Leopard engines we own. ROC is just getting started over here and they have just introduced their new direct drive engine. Is it inconceivable that ROC Cup will soon be direct drive? I believe I heard or read somewhere that Rotax would come out with an upgrade package of Carb, wiring harness, power valve and coil for around $500? Whatever it is, it will be far cheaper then buying a whole new engine. I can’t think of any reason the current engine with the EVO upgrade package wouldn’t be just as fast as the EVO. They haven’t changed the bore, stroke, cylinder or head to my knowledge.