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Sebastian Sarmiento

Hey Tim,

Those Yamaha look nice, just a bit cheaper than the Honda, but that’s not the deal maker,

It seems that the carb features (shut off allows the carb to burn all the gas and doesn’t leave any gas residue in the carb, which is the number one reason for gen. giving trouble to start after a long period of inactivity), fuel gauge (Honda doesn’t have one) and it passes the Honda in every way (lighter, lower decibels, and a few other things that are not important).

I like the Yamaha, I just need to make sure there’s a Yamaha dealer around here that service those units.

Found it for $910 free shipping. and it also comes with the battery charger cable included (the Honda doesn’t). Big war between the two little ones, both are great.


Hi Mike,

I went to Home depot to buy one yesterday, but they only had one out of the box (looked full of dust like it’s been there for ever), they are 39, plus the battery (1) $59, plus the charger $35.

So instead I bought this one as a plan “B”


It can work from the car lighter (in case the generator fails) or from the generator in case the compressor fails. I like the fact you can program the psi desired and it’ll automatically stop once it reaches it. (I’ll see how accurate it is by checking with my longacre digital gauge)

and this compressor:


Thank you for all your help fellows. No air tools for now. I’ll use my existent Makita impact wrench/hammer drill and electric screwdriver.

I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )