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Dan Schlosser

Yamaha – Pipe is more fun and better suited for the senior weight but at the end of the day if the kart counts are there that’s all that matters. Switching back and forth requires a $40 pipe mount, $240 pipe package and a clutch adjustment. With that in your quiver you can race WKA, USPKS, Route 66, Badger, New Castle, Pitt Race and most of the other local tracks in between.

If you are really hell bent on running some big events just pick the package that makes you happy and run those couple events in that series. In reality you really weren’t going to run all of WKA, USPKS, SKUSA, Winter Tour and Rotax anyway unless you had a quarter million dollar budget.

Its karting. There are too many people with vested interests in IAME, Vortex and Rotax that control the direction of the sport. And there is just enough money on the line, but not enough for everyone to share, for there ever to be a way for them all to just get along.

We finished the year with 15-20 Yamaha Pipes at Pitt Race and many more to come in 2015. People are finally using some common sense and going to the track to have fun and not break the bank. Karting should not be a huge financial burden to the point it causes stress. Go and have fun.