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Tim Koyen

When you are considering generators, keep in mind that the Yamaha equivalent to the Honda Eu2000 is also a very good generator, and may be less expensive.  A friend recently bought a Honda EU2000, only to have it quit working entirely after only 1 day of use.  He was able to exchange it for a new one, but the Tech (who sells both brands) said the Yamaha was really a better unit.  I’ve had a Yamaha 3000 for several years and it has performed flawlessly.  Whatever the case, buy one that is a RV or campground style, meaning it puts out less than 60 decibels at load.  Your neighbors at the track will appreciate it, as will you.

From a compressor standpoint, anything big enough to run sanders or other steady consumption tools, will be too big and just be a pain.  A nice, quality, smaller unit will handle tires, and the occasional air impact, which you don’t really need anyway.  There is a reason no one at the track uses them.  The electric impacts work just as well and are way less hassle.  Best of luck.

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