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Mike Prokup


you know this is going to kill local kart tracks. I remember when tracks ran wka rules etc. now what will they do?

looks to me like there will be these super multi series racers with multiple engines competing with the same guys for the next ten years or so….. Big deep pockets with similar rich kid feeders coming from national junior races. Clubs will get destroyed.

Raced a couple kt races last year at Route 66. Not so much excitement as a few people told us all the good racers are running tag. Not sure I agree with them but it did Sorta took the wind out of it all. We won a trophy….got in some tussles and left pretty much ready to move on.

Maybe a new rich man big tent sport with no room for family racers .

Anyway….time moves on and all things do change. ¬†Need to quit complaining and go race the car. My sons tell me to forget about it and focus on the stock car. Guess they are right.