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Eric Alexander

I’ve been expecting something like this ever since that Rotax survey was circulating last year.  And honestly, I think everything looks pretty good.  With IAME coming on strong and introducing the X30, it was clear Rotax was going to re-engineer the 125 MAX platform.  Its proven to be a good platform for the past 15 years.  But it was time to make some changes to address consistency and drive-ability issues people had with it.  And it looks like that exactly what they’ve addressed.

It would be nice to see some incentives to help existing owners upgrade, but it appears the inventory’s not there to do that just yet.  But it wouldn’t surprise me to see something in the future.

The piston is “no-brainer” –  and will happen for all future rebuilds regardless.

The carb to me is a must have, as it has always been the source of the jetting issues.

The electronic power valve is a nice feature, but is not that critical as to need it anytime soon on an existing engine (so long as you’re the type that maintains your RAVE valve on a regular basis).  So that removes it, and the new ignition coil and box, from the must-have upgrades list.

Same for the exhaust.

All that’s left is the crank and con-rod.  That might bite a bit in the rebuild charge, but that’s the biggest chunck of change IMO (and probably a significant portion of the power gains).

Still, the Rotax market is going to be a bit crazy for the next year.  The bottom’s going to fall out for alot of spare parts.