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andy graham


since Rotax says that the old version Max will continue to be legal to race (for now), what if the old engine is better suited for one circuit compared to another?

For instance, what if the Evo dominates on horsepower tracks and the old Max looks to have an edge on shorter “parking lot style”, “driver” tracks?  Similar to what SKUSA went thru with the Leopard and the Rotax a couple of years ago which lead to death of rotax in SKUSA..so now, if this were to hold true, would it mean that teams and serious racers would need two rotax engines, the old version Max and the new Evo, to be competitive on all circuits…seeing as how we have seen no on track testing data for the new Evo, we really have no idea how this engine will perform or what gremlins may be lurking in a brand new product…it seems that no one in the World of Karting has a handle on what this new package brings to the grid considering the reactions of the New Zealand and Australian regulating bodies…it’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes out