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Roger Miller

I will get to my jetting notes tonight – one comment about the fuel system, have used a pump around for several years at all of the road race tracks, and never had a problem.  And Ryen grabbed a couple of club championships during that time.  So it works.  170 does sound a little lean, but it is all about the air.  I have a table built from all of the races, where I have noted the best jet (plug, EGT, and piston top inspection) for whatever the air reads, and now all I do is read the air gauge and go to my table and jet.  Never an issue.

That said, one engine and driver is one jet, and another engine/driver at the same time, could be different.  I know that several folks are usually a jet or 2 smaller than when we run.  I know Ryen is a bit over the class weight, so that may be a factor heavier, needs more power, needs more fuel….