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mal crosher

Yea making engine better and the like is fair game. We also have the kf/kz arena for that. 6000 Karters in Australia ( 7000 officially ) , roughly a mere 150 only bother to run rotax constantly .

But Rotax don’t want to play that game . Even as they market it as recreational racing engine you’d think they would be happy to play the TaG game. But they don’t want play that either , so.

What it does for parity in many organizations world wide within TaG is no real concern to them at all. They push for world rules but like here in Australia and just about everywhere else on the globe , importing your own at cheaper cost is no go. We need official stamp on casing proving it was purchased of specific dealers here.

If it’s a control class and everyone has same engines you could argue that up grades aren’t even needed.
The price increase alone contradicts the market they claim to reprent. This proven by many experienced karters complaint on the mojo as merely dissed with ” you don’t know how to set up your kary ” response .