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Bob Vehring

Jack, you are one of the good guys, know how much you have done. At this point in my mind the way it was in the past is now over. The question is how will it proceed in the future
Here IMO is the scariest part of this whole deal. In the past as certain things tried to get changed, and lets not pretend some did not attempt this always in the political right manor, There always was a uproar from either this forum, or its 4 cy counterpart sometimes both.A system of checks and balances to some degree.
Now looking here in this post, several of us tried to get some response to this quite awhile before the “official announcement” came out a few days ago. Not a peep, same at 4 cy. Have we reached the time where people do not care anymore? we will have that answer in a few weeks.
I hope racers remember that despite the problems of the past outside of IKF teritory if that still exsits out there, WKA I think is one of the only series around anymore that is a member own org.. I hope someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe most of the other series out there now are owned and run by a person or group and in most cases have very strong ties to, the equipment used in that series.