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George Sunderland

Agree Bob. I’m sure there are others like me who have raced all forms of karts from street racing 2 and 4 strokes to dirt to asphalt oval and road course as well as laydown enduros and Superkarts.  But year to year, have to focus on one or two forms of racing at the most.  Just not enough money or time.  Each form of karting is its own beast.    Even the shops tend to specialize in one or at most two forms of karting.  You need well known active participants  (racers not businessmen) to help steer each unique division.

I just know time is short and the constant bickering, special interests, backroom drug deals and almost daily rules and class changes has got to stop.  Its not all bad and there has to be hope.  Just need a clean sheet and a commitment from everyone to establish trust and move forward to provide stability to long-term rules, classes, and venues.