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I agree with TJ

Our home track is extremely hard on tires, and you can see that type of tire wear a lot, unfortunately most guys like to go with the softer axle, so yeah it will develop inside shoulder tire wear.

You can avoid tire wear on the front by creating more positive camber, but it will sacrifice some of the handling.

And as for the rear goes, there is really no way around it, unless you install a harder axle, it will in fact reduce the inside tire wear, but will of course create a change in your tuning.

Some times is more important to win a race if it costs you a set of tires, rather than conserving the tires and finishing towards the back.

We can only do a 3 heat race per set of new tires, and after that they’re pretty much good for a CAN race, or hot laps, or practice (once we flip them over, they’re good to go) My 2 cents. ;)


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