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Bob Vehring

Well now that its finally out there, I was expecting, a bit more talk also. As George said, maybe its to late. I hope not, and I hope the current trustees can really see the problems of the past and what led to this.
I would guess that each form of karting has their own list of what went wrong, that alone points to the most serious of the problems.
Tonight I got a notification that trustee nominations are beginning in 4 districts
WKA is made up of, dirt oval, asph. oval, 4 cy sprint, 2 cy sprint, and Road Race series. Your elected officials that represent you and make your vote, are based on geographic area. Nothing about that makes sence.
I live in an area that for as long as I can remember, my trustee has been a 2 cy, Man Cup guy. Nothing wrong with that, but few have understood anything about my 4 cy, road race or oval, questions. Calling others from a outside area really went nowhere because they weren’t “my” rep.

This is not a new concept, I have had this conversation going back to Randy, certainly Rick and Van’s time. Look at it logically, A Man Cup guy doesn’t understand Dirt, a Dirt guy can’t run Road Race. Road Race guys probably don’t get Gold cup. This didn’t work in the past, and it won’t work any better in the future. Members need to elect the people they want to represent them, but it has to be by the series they race in.

I’ve been politically involved in this sport for a very long time, people run for a position because they want to help what they race in. They generally have a good understanding of the series they race but in 30 years, I’ve never met anyone that was very well versed in all 5 types of karting. To succeed this has to change so each group can run itself, so racers have direct input into the series they actually run, not be governed by others that know nothing about their series