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Doug Ring


Race 1 is run as a standing start from the hot pit, while races 4 and 7 are rolling starts.  Starting positions for races 1 and 4 are based on time/date of entry, while starting positions for race 7 are based on finishing positions from race 4.

For races 4 and 7, you need to run the same set of tires.  For cost reasons, many of us use used tires for race 1, and a new set for race 4 and then carry over to race 7.  Having said that, new tires for race 1 is nice, as the tracks are usually cooler and lower grip.  However, if you try to run the same tires for all 3 races, it will be hairy by the end of R7 – particularly at SP and LS, which are just like big sprint tracks.

You can run the exact same kart in all three races – most of us do that.  Having said that, please check the IKF rule book, as classes 19 and 20 allow use of non-CIF front fairings (nose and sidepods must be CIK).  As a result, the front runners all use the larger, more aerodynamic Hegar front fairing.  If you want to stick with the CIK front fairing, enter classes 16 and 14 – these classes are designed for SKUSA-spec bodywork, and run at 385#.

I’ll be working on the GP this weekend, loading the trailer on Tuesday….