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Robert Lawson

Sorry for not being specific, yes…..it is a “power valve” plug. I have not removed it so I’m not certain if it has an o-ring or not.

The leak is excessive, no pressure can be built up at all. Plenty of exhaust “juice” under that cover and evidence of it being blown all around in there too. Best guess is there are no o-rings on it.

What concerns me is the fact that it will also “draw in” air from that same leak. This can cause a few different possible issues, fuel pump function being one and of course a lean condition as well.

I could be wrong about this…. but this engine blows up every time it is run, and with very little running time needed to do so.

There where other issues as well but correcting these are easily done. I like to pressure check the entire set-up before handing an engine back with a clean bill of health.