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Steve Baker

Next meeting will be Tuesday 11/25/14 at 8:00 PM eastern time. Larry Jones from Larry Jones Motorsports will be our special guest and subject matter expert with us for this KTCC meeting.


Tire Cutting Technology

Agenda for ATCC 11/25/14 meeting
1) Basic tire cutting
2) Chassis dynamics vs tire cutting
3) Tire temps pre / post tire cutting
4) Tire cuts for qualifying and A mains
5) Camber and tire crowns
6) Tire cutting as a business
6) Round table discussion

Future meeting topics – Karting Organization structures and operation, Race track designs, Race events and promotion activity, Kart racing safety, CNC billet parts and machining processes to name a few upcoming conference call topics.

If there are any other Kart Shops, Engine Builders or Kart Racing Component Manufacturers that want to participate in this Karting Technical Conference Call (KTCC) please contact me.

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E mail = Bakerracingeng@aol.com