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When you see a F1 car, or an Indy car the front wing being adjusted for more down force at the front, it normally helps you to corner a lot better by creating more weigh to the front wheels for road courses, and some rather smaller tracks, but this is a different kind of weight.
This weight is applied directly to the front wheels, body and suspension created by aerodynamic down force, that will eventually affect the steering axis tilt.

In karting it is a totally different animal, as you can’t ad weights to each wheel or each corner of each axle, you can only place weights to certain spots of your seat, floor pan and chassis, Plus the behavior of a kart chassis and its flexibility is by far unlike a race car, as there is no suspension, yes the chassis flexes in a way as if they did have suspension, but they don’t.

So that being said, they do not rely on upper and lower control arms (wish bone suspension), both front and rear, with ball joints that helps keep the steering hubs/knucles and tires in place, as the vehicle travels up and down. Go karts flex up and down in a way, but do not travel freely since there’s drag at the bottom of the tires, so we’re constantly pushing on the rubber, then eventually the kart slides, glides and rotates.

I would love to ask you what it is that you’re trying to achieve? So that we may understand a little better, and decide where to go with your question.
Unfortunately I am not a scientific, but we can give it our best shot in trying to help you. But I am really curious to know what your plans are, that way we can share the geometry and the physics of race cars and race karts.