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Mike Bray

Bob’s should be called “Bob’s Clone Forum”, not Bob’s 4 Cycle Forum.  It’s all about clones and the inherent silliness of trying to take a cheap Chinese copy of a utility motor and make it a racing motor.  If you venture over there be prepared to throw logic out the window as it doesn’t exist.  Why else would grown men pay $1500 for a clone motor when they could pay $500 for an LO206 with more power and reliability?  When logic leaves a discussion drama and fighting ensues which is all you find at Bob’s now.

And don’t ever try and point out the silliness of a clone motor, Bob the Censor will remove your post before the ink dries.

If I want WWE type entertainment I read Bob’s.  If I want good information I read EKN.  For me that’s what it comes down to.