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Walt Gifford

I doubt it, they would be super light and cost twice as much. I had a set made by DAP kart you had to keep tires on them or they would float away.

If I remember, I knew a guy who powder coated some wheels and they became almost impossible to mount and bead tires on. If you do it, stop off the entire inside and outside rim of the wheel and also where the nuts seat down.

I’ve used the epoxy paint with good results. Surface prep is everything and use a mask made for organic vapors and try not to breath when you’re shooting it down wind while running backwards.

Enamel spray can from Walmart is $2 and looks good from 5′ away. Spray 3 very very light tack coats then build up enough coats to fill in the color. let it dry for a couple of weeks and it will be hard as nails.


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