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Dan Schlosser

At the end of the day its as simple as:

Yamaha Rookie

Yamaha Sportsman

Yamaha Junior Can

Yamaha Senior Pipe

That should be the basis for every track, every club, every regional series and every national series (that isn’t manufacturer based/funded). There are 30K engines out there and they fit on any kart. They are cheap and plentiful and with the right rule structure can be very even. They are supported by nearly every engine builder and the parts are not brand specific thus leaving the door open to participation from vendors, parts manufacturers and engine builder.

We just took TJ’s lead and bought our old Yamaha back and plan to play with that next year. That engine is 15 years old and probably has 100 wins on it in Junior and Senior racing with 5 different families over that time. You just can’t beat that kind of value.

Sure we may do a few races in other classes if the spirit moves us but at the end of the day we want to have some fun and we want to try to be a good example to our customers and families that are looking for some direction in what to run. And to us that can be accomplished with our old Yamaha.